I’d been thinking about retirement for some time when my son Ryan moved to Montrose, CO. I spent my career life in Denver, CO and I knew I didn’t want to spend so much time dealing with the stress of city life in my retirement. I wanted to be close to nature, breathe deeply and play golf.

In 2012 I came out to Montrose to help my son remodel his new home. My son loved the place and soon I did too. Colorado is a beautiful state and Montrose is especially beautiful with its mountains on all sides. When I get up in the morning, I make some coffee and step outside to look at the San Juan Mountain Range rising right behind our house.

That’s what led me to found Coker Homes. My wife Bobbi and I have two grown sons and today the four of us make up the core team of Coker Homes. Our clients greatly appreciate the personal attention they receive from our family team.

Montrose, CO really does have all I need and it’s likely you’ll agree with me. Together, we’ve been able to help dozens of other retirees settle into comfortable brand new homes in this exceptional natural Southwest landscape.

Some people come because they love the golfing. There are three 18-hole golf courses. Others are fishermen, hunters, skiers, hikers or all around outdoor enthusiasts. Really anything you love to do outdoors you can do here, except for scuba diving!

Many of our retirees also love to travel. Our model homes are “lock and leave”. You can confidently take off for a month or months and everything will be as you left it when you return. Additionally, Montrose Regional Airport has non-stop flights through out the country. Making this your home base is just as convenient as being in a major metropolitan area.

Give me, David, a call and I’ll contact you the same day, 970-417-4361 or email.